After fifteen years spent working in the hotel industry across France and around the world, I decided to change my life.

I reconnected with my passion for wine.

Over the course of trainings, one certainty became clear to me : I wanted to work as close as possible to the vines and the winegrowers, to transmit their passion and their know-how through authentic and convivial experiences.

The choice of my region of origin, Savoie, came quite naturally.

An amazing vineyard blooming again, supported by a new generation of talented winegrowers and how not to be charmed by these dream landscapes between vineyards, snow-capped peaks and lakes of turquoise waters?

Marion Coppel, founder of Au-Delà du Verre

My values

Get you to discover wines that tell stories

Feature Savoie wine growers, close to their land

Share knowledge, sensations, emotions


Founder passionnate about wine coming to meet you for a fun wine tasting workshop.


Wine-growers partners. This number is growing constantly like the reputation of Savoie wines.


No synthetic chemical product is used by the wine-growers partners to grow their grapes. The wines tasted during the workshops are perfectly consistent with the environmental stakes of our time.

Wine tasting workshops advocating quality and authenticity

I introduce you to wines made by human scale vineyards. Why? Because I want to feature humble and passionnate wine-growers, who respect their terroir and enhance it in the most natural way. They are sincere and bold wines with a distinctive personnality. I will get you to love unique grape varieties like Mondeuse or Jacquère that you will discover through an introduction to wine tasting.

Wine tasting workshops coming to you

I come to your home or holiday home in Savoie, Haute-Savoie, Isère. My workshops can be organised during the day or the evening according to your preferences. I take care of everything : setting up the equipment, preparing the workshop, and tidying up. Please note that the workshops can be lead in French and/or English.