Perfect wine trip in the French Alps


Want to discover another side of the French Alps?  

Whether you’re travelling by car or by bike, this itinerary is perfect for you! Get ready for an one-week holiday in the vineyard of Savoie packed with amazing landscapes, winery visits, tastings, and local gastronomy.

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Day 1 – Fréterive to Montmélian, la Combe de Savoie

The Combe de Savoie, in the heart of the magnificent natural park of the Bauges massif, is dotted with vineyards over almost its entire length. Following the phylloxera, the region became the cradle of many wine nurseries, it is today the 2nd French region producing grafted plants.

If you have a little time, extend your stay in the region with a hike in the Massif des Bauges: mountain pastures, forests and cheeses… A whole program!

Must-see wineries :

  • Domaine de l’Idylle, Cruet
  • Domaine Chevillard, Saint-Pierre d’Albigny

Day 2 – Chignin to Chapareillan

Between the Bauges massif and Chartreuse, the vineyard overlooked by Mont Granier owes him a part of its geological landscape.

On November 24, 1248, an entire section of Mont Granier collapsed, causing a gigantic landslide that covered five parishes and caused a thousand victims. Only Notre-Dame de Myans was spared by the disaster.

The scree area will long be considered unfit for cultivation. In the 18th century, the vine will be deployed on this terroir of limestone scree.

From the chaos of 1248 will be born two vintages: Abymes and Apremont.

Must-see wineries :

  • Domaine Denis et Didier Berthollier, Chignin
  • Domaine des 13 Lunes, Chapareillan

Day 3 – Aix-les-Bains and Brison Saint Innocent

On the banks of the largest natural lake in France, Aix-les-Bains was once covered with vines. The rise of hydrotherapy will finally get the better of the vineyard. Today, only the cellar of the Jacqueline estate remains in Aix-les Bains. In Brison-Saint-Innocent, the proximity of Lake Bourget has created a remarkable microclimate which has led the town to be nicknamed « little Savoyard Nice », a microclimate and a soil where the vine has flourished perfectly for centuries.

Must-see wineries :

  • Domaine Xavier Jacqueline & ses filles, Aix-les-Bains

Day 4 – Saint-Jean de Chevelu to Lucey

This vineyard forms the westernmost part of the Alpine vineyard.

The vines here also benefit from the microclimate generated by the Lac du Bourget, despite the barrier of the Montagne du Chat.

A vineyard with bucolic charm, made up of hills and valleys, between small hamlets and villages… some slopes nevertheless remind us that we are indeed in the mountains: with slopes of more than 40%, Monthoux is a real climbing vineyard.

Must-see wineries :

  • Château de Lucey, Lucey

Day 5 – Chindrieux to Motz

North of Lac du Bourget, Chautagne is a region where nature is still beautifully preserved.

The local climate is very similar to the Mediterranean climate, to the point that the region is nicknamed the « Provence of Savoie ». The vineyard here does not know the dangers of frost.

Must-see wineries :

  • Domaine Florian et Marie Curtet in Motz
  • Domaine des Fables in Serrières en Chautagne

Day 6 – Seyssel to Frangy

Straddling the vineyards of Bugey and Savoie, this hilly terroir enjoys a mild and sunny climate.

A wine once had many fans in neighboring Switzerland, but following a campaign led by Swiss doctors from 1756, winegrowers saw this market close. They therefore fell back on dairy production.

Today it is a vineyard in full restructuring.

Must-see wineries :

  • Domaine les Aricoques, Frangy

Day 7 – Annecy to Villaz

On the shores of the very beautiful Lake Annecy, the vine has almost disappeared under the pressure of building construction.

Thanks to winemaker Philippe Héritier and star chef Jean Sulpice, vines have made a comeback in Talloires, where they had disappeared 50 years ago. The vines replanted in 2022 will give their first juice in 2025.

In Villaz, Francis Rousset replanted vines where they had disappeared for 130 years!

Must-see wineries :

  • Côteaux des Girondales, Villay
  • Domaine des Orchis, Poisy

Day 8 – Chablais : Ballaison to Marin

Here, Chasselas is king! Before phylloxera, Chablais was an important vineyard. Although the agricultural crises, the closure of the Swiss market and urban development have caused it to shrink to a trickle, four crus have survived: Crépy, Marin, Marignan and Ripaille.

Must-see winery :

  • Vignes de Paradis, Ballaison

Nos ateliers de dégustation

Vous êtes un épicurieux, à la recherche d’une activité originale en Savoie Mont Blanc ? Laissez–vous guider pour découvrir des vins sincères et un terroir fascinant dans une atmosphère conviviale.